Tania Lewis Masterclass

Food/Media: Eating, Cooking and Provisioning in a Digital World

Associate Professor Tania Lewis (RMIT University)

University of Tasmania, Wednesday 29 June, 1pm-4pm

The dinner table has become a site of spectacle and speculation in recent years. What we put on our plates is no longer purely a matter of private, everyday domesticity. Food is now a space of aesthetic, ethical and public scrutiny. A key element of this visibility can be linked to the rise of lifestyle- oriented food television and in turn the growing global currency of the celebrity chef. Over the past decade, food documentaries (alongside a growing popular literature on the politics and ethics of food) have contributed a strongly critical edge to this mediated culinary culture, while introducing new social actors such as food producers and farmers to the media-food space. In recent years, the digitization of everyday life has further shaped and impacted the food landscape.

This masterclass is aimed at PhD students and early career researchers. Participants will be encouraged to develop work from the masterclass into a contribution to a special journal issue on food and media.

Topics might include:

  • The social mediatisation of food;
  • The role of digital media content, sites and devices such as youtube, online shopping and food apps in domestic food practices;
  • The global currency and reach of food media;
  • Animals, meat and media;
  • The role of popular food gurus (chefs, restaurateurs, farmers) in shaping food culture;
  • Using digital media to research food practices from production to consumption;
  • Ethical and political consumerism and food media.

More information and details about how to apply can be found here:

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