Selected Publications

Phillipov, Michelle, Media and Food Industries: A New Politics of Food, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017

  • Shows how relationships between food and media industries are key drivers of change in contemporary food cultures, across the artisan-conventional spectrum. They are contributing to the emergence of new media texts, new food products, and new food markets and marketing strategies that are changing the way that food is produced, consumed and promoted.


Phillipov, Michelle and Kirkwood, Katherine (eds), Alternative Food Politics: From the Margins to the Mainstream, Routledge Critical Food Studies Series (under contract, forthcoming 2018)


Lewis, Tania and Phillipov, Michelle (eds), “Food/Media: Eating, Cooking and Provisioning in a Digital World”, special issue of Communication Research and Practice (under contract, forthcoming 2018)


Phillipov, Michelle,Supermarkets, Television Cooking Shows and Integrated Advertising: New Approaches to Strategic Marketing and Consumer Engagement”, in John Byrom and Dominic Medway (eds), Consumer Science and Strategic Marketing: Case Studies in Food Retailing and Distribution, Elsevier (accepted, in press)

  • Reveals the implications of supermarket sponsorship of television cooking shows for consumers, who now require increasingly sophisticated media literacies to decipher ‘integrated’ advertising and promotion messages.


Phillipov, Michelle and Goodman, Michael K. “The Celebrification of Farmers: Celebrity and the New Politics of Farming”, Celebrity Studies, 8 (2) pp. 346-350 (2017)

  • Traces the emergence of the “celebrity farmer”, a figure–much like the celebrity chef–that is assisting in shaping the meanings, politics and practices associated with contemporary food.


Phillipov, Michelle, Fats: A Global History, Reaktion Books, London, 2016

  • Fats: A Global History presents a history of the cultural life of culinary fat, exploring the meanings, debates and controversies that have surrounded fats from Palaeolithic to contemporary times. Michelle recently spoke about the book on Radio National.


Lewis, Tania and Phillipov, Michelle, “A Pinch of Ethics and a Soupçon of Home Cooking: Soft-Selling Supermarkets on Food Television”, Food, Media and Contemporary Culture: The Edible Image, Palgrave Macmillan, Bradley Peri (ed), United Kingdom, pp. 105-124 (2016).

  • Focusing on the reality TV show Recipe to Riches, this chapter looks at the sponsorship of television cooking shows as a method for boosting the public image of supermarkets in the community.


Phillipov, Michelle, “The New Politics of Food: Television and the Media/Food Industries”, Media International Australia, 158 (1) pp. 90-98 (2016).

  • Shows how Australian food television in opening up new markets and marketing strategies for food products and experiences–from niche lifestyle programming that advocates for small producers to the “integrated” advertising strategies of major supermarkets.


Phillipov, Michelle, “Escaping to the Country: Media, Nostalgia, and the New Food Industries”, Popular Communication, 14 (2) pp. 111-122 (2016).

  • This article analyses how popular ‘tree change’ television shows Escape to River Cottage and Gourmet Farmer became marketing platforms for niche food products and experiences that offer consumers an alternative to industrial agriculture and food production.


Phillipov, Michelle, “Using Media to Promote Artisan Food and Beverages: Insights From the Television Industry”, British Food Journal, 118 (3) pp. 588-602 (2016).

  • This article explains the opportunities and challenges of using food television to promote artisan food and beverage businesses, and offers recommendations for how artisan producers can best capitalise on the new opportunities afforded by food media.


Phillipov, Michelle, “‘Helping Australia Grow’: Supermarkets, Television Cooking Shows and the Strategic Manufacture of Consumer Trust”, Agriculture and Human Values, 33 (3) pp. 587-596 (2016)

  • Shows how integrated advertising on television cooking shows has become an increasingly valuable tool for major supermarkets seeking to manage media and public criticisms of supermarket practices, particularly in relation to their treatment of farmers and suppliers.


Phillipov, Michelle, “Constructing Reality: My Kitchen Rules and Reality TV Cooking Shows”, Screen Education, 79, pp. 88-93 (2015).

  • This article examines production techniques of reality TV cooking shows to assist high school students to analyse the ways in which reality television is simultaneously ‘real’ and highly constructed in order to elicit audience participation, emotion, and engagement with commercial advertising.


Phillipov, Michelle, “Food TV: an effective strategy for food and beverage marketing?”, Food Australia, 67 (4) pp. 31-34 (2015).

  • This article outlines some of the key advantages and pitfalls to using television for the promotion of food and beverage products and producers. Read the full article here: FA_Aug_Sept_Pgs_31_34


Kirkwood, Katherine and Michelle Phillipov, “What MasterChef teaches us about food and the food industry”, The Conversation, The Conversation Media Trust, Australia, 21st May (2015)

  • This article discusses the recent resurgence of MasterChef Australia’s popularity and explores the show’s impact on our eating, cooking, and shopping habits.