Michael Goodman masterclass

Visceral Foodscapes: Towards an Affective Food Justice

Professor Michael Goodman (University of Reading)

University of Tasmania, Wednesday 29 June 2016, 9am-12noon

This masterclass is aimed at participants of all disciplines and career stages interested in alternative food systems, food justice and food politics. It will explore the theoretical questions that emerge from interdisciplinary engagements with the concept of “visceral foodscapes”. Through an active dialogue of short provocative presentations, discussion and feeding back as individuals and in small groups, we will seek to make empirical, methodological and conceptual linkages between food’s embodied, visceral and affective dimensions and its networks, political economies and cultures. We will consider how the concept of “visceral foodscapes” helps us to link the affects, tastes, knowledges and popular practices associated with food to the political and economic structures of our food industries in ways that enable us to create more healthy, inclusive, sustainable and just food systems.

Key questions to be engaged and discussed include:

  • What might an “affective food justice” look like methodologically, epistemologically or 
  • How can a foodscapes perspective engage 
and/or facilitate our research on food and 
food justice?
  • How might we go about doing visceral food 
justice research? 
Working on the basis of knowledge sharing and
knowledge creation, this seminar will seek to co-
construct how we might “do work” on visceral
foodscapes in order to pursue, inspire and
understand food justice. Potential outputs include possible joint publications, research projects and/or special issue or edited volume proposals. We will also think about practical interventions we can make in our own foodscapes and those around us to further the cause of food justice.

More information and details about how to apply can be found here:

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