Project update

We have just passed the halfway mark with our research.  Almost 40 interviews have been completed with a range of stakeholders, including celebrity chefs, media production staff, television cooking show contestants, food retailers and food industry personnel.  Many thanks to everyone who has participated so far.

Results of the research have been published or accepted for publication in a range of academic and professional forums, including Food AustraliaScreen EducationPopular CommunicationMedia International AustraliaAgriculture and Human ValuesM/C JournalThe Conversation, and in a forthcoming edited collection called Food, Media and Contemporary Culture: The Edible Image published by Palgrave Macmillan.  Research for the project has also resulted in the book Fats: A Global History, which will be published as part of Reaktion Book’s ‘Edible Series’ in 2016.  News about publications will be regularly updated, but you can see some of the early results of the study on our Publications page.

In addition to publications, research findings have been presented at a number of national and international conferences, including:

  • Unnatural Futures, Hobart, July 2014
  • ANZCA (Australia and New Zealand Communication Association) annual conference, Melbourne, July 2014
  • Agrifood XXI: Food, Planet, People, Sydney, November 2014
  • IAMCR (International Association for Media and Communication Research) annual conference, Montreal, July 2015

More publications and conference presentations are planned for the remainder of this year and for next year.  Updates will be included here as they are available.